They say music has the power to bring about change in a society. And this change might be negative or positive. Music has a major role to play in bringing about positivism in the minds of the people.

Kapadocia, born Steven Chiheni Gondwe, is one of the dance-hall artist that you can listen to with the whole family members around, without worries of unnecessary content in the songs. His music is listened by all sorts of people which makes him unique. Unlike these other Urban Music Artists who are busy promoting alcohol, sex and drugs.

It gave me quite a thrill upon hearing about the possibilities of starting to shoot a video for one of his masterpieces entitled “AMAPOLABE”. The self acclaimed Ghetto Ambassador revealed the plans of shooting the video in an interview conducted by Orange Urban News on the 14th of December, this year.

The song talks about challenges faced by most of the Malawi citizens. “People have no food, shelter and clothing” he said.

The man behind the song “MISONZI YA ALUBINO” further added that, the song is believed to have brought hope to the poor. “No matter how hard the situation might be in ones life, it is only one day when all the problems are going to fade away. Even most serious wounds on one’s body, get healed at some point in time. That is why the song is called “AMAPOLABE” meaning “They still heal”. He clarified.

The video for this heart touching song will be shot from 21st to 22nd of December, this year. Everyone willing to participate in the video shoot is supposed to be found at area 51 railway, Lilongwe, at exactly 8 am on the first day of the shooting. “Only those who are ready to look miserable are the one’s welcomed. This is so because the song is sad tonned. Torn clothes are warmly welcomed.” He added with a thin smile on his face.

ELSHADDAI MULTIMEDIA is proudly ready to start moving the cameras from a place to the other during the period. People get ready to feed your eyes with the AMAPOLABE video so soon. Orange Urban News believes it is going to be great and expect a Tornado.


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