Almost every fella who follows Malawian Urban Music should know an artist  named VUBE by now. He stirred  the Urban  Music Industry when he released bomb track titled  CHINDEKHA, which features one of the top artist, MARTSE. And this followed another hit by the name NDALAMA ZANGA, which was spiced up by a hip hop verse from EPISODZ.

An ex-member of DUTTY CENTRAL CLAN is now back with another song believed to be making noise as soon as it drops. As you all know the CHINDEKHA guy does not let fans down. The commanding voice he has is irresistible you will just have to pay attention to it.

ZANI CHALLE is the song title for his up coming project. You did not get us wrong, that is really the song title for the song which will be out soon.

The song title itself has agitated a lot of minds. As of now his fans do not know what the song is really talking about. Vube has refused to reveal the content of the song, he  says we should just be patient and wait for the day of it’s premier. And that is why most of the fans are found debating much about it’s title.

The appetizing title of this song has made fans relate to Mr Too Ghetto Too Gutter’s GRACE CHI. They say the content of the songs might be similar.

vube2.jpgBut then we should not be hasty in making a conclusion of the content of the song. Who knows? Maybe he is trying to praise ZANI for being a flag carrier of Malawian urban music. Or that he is really trying to express his love to her as MARTSE did in GRACE CHI. To our own surprise, he might even be talking about something contrary to what is in our minds.

We hope you all remember about the issue of Classic’s ANACONDA. Before the song was out, fans spread a rumor about the song talking about ladies with big behind. But when the song was released, it all turned out to be a false rumor. The song was simply talking about Backstabbers.

So to avoid such futile occurrences, what we all need to do is wait for the Award Winning Radio DJ by the name JOY NATHU to premier it on his well followed programme “MADE ON MONDAY” This 13th of February, a day before Valentine’s, ZANI CHALLE will be unleashed.

Keep in touch with ORANGE URBAN NEWS as we are going to have an exclusive interview with VUBE as soon as it is out.

You can download his songs below:

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