Ali Ndendende Music Video Out: Blameless and Zika-B

Ali Ndendende Video: Blameless in action
Ali Ndendende Video: Blameless in action

The long awaited music video for “Ali Ndendende” is finally out. The song which was done by Blameless, real name Mangaliso Ng’ambi, in collaboration with Zika- B, real name Stanly Zikabuma has now been blessed with a fine video which is ready for the fans to watch.

The song generally talks about issues concerning families when it comes to love affairs. “Ali Ndendende came into my mind after thinking deep about silly things one does to a partner. Most of the times people go for Biblical unacceptable love affairs. They cheat on a partner because of simple things like hair style and dressing which is applicable on their partners and their actions turn out to be ridiculous,” Blameless says. Unfaithfulness in marriages bring a lot of problems and these problems affect the innocent children in the house. “Ali Ndendende” is in one of the widely spoken languages here in Malawi known as Chichewa, and it means “They Are All The Same”.

Ali Ndendende Video: Zika-B in action
Ali Ndendende Video: Zika-B in action

The audio for this lovable tune was produced by Gaffer in Blantyre, Chirimba on the 14th of October and the video was shot by one of the well known Videographers, Ben Bai in the same City on the 16th of  the same month the audio was recorded. This song was premiered in a number of Radio Stations namely; MBC, Ufulu and MIJ FM on the 15th the very same month. And an official release was on the 7th of November, 2016.

According to the “Ali Ndendende” makers, the video was supposed to be released last year. But because of other personal issues, the release was delayed. Upon reaching towards the end of the year, everything was set, however, they deliberately got hold of it until today, 1st March. They just decided to make it a 2017 project since the year was already at the end.

To make the issue of “Ali Ndendende” more vibrant, the artists are making plans to come up with The Ali Ndendende Tour. T-Shirts have already been made for this song as a step towards vibrance in order to reach many people.



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