Black Jack Promises a Blast to Fans

The “Wadya Iwe” Star confirmed with Orange News about his massive project. Che Kalonda says this year he is planning to release 20 songs with massive collaborations with other great Artists.

We tried to know more about the songs he says are not in a form of an Album, but he seemed unwilling to give us the information about the Project in detail. What we know as of now is that he has a single which is already out titled “Ndakusowa”. And he says a follow up single is titled “Dr Che” but he did not reveal what this song with an amazing title is centered on. Black Jack says he just wants his fans to be hit with lots of surprises this year. “I have 20 songs ready for a release and everything in it is a complete surprise,” he says.

We asked him about another issue concerning shooting Music Videos. The “Yes or No” Hit-Maker has been in the Music Industry for a number of years now. During these years, the Times Television Sound Tube Presenter has never had a remarkable Music Video for one of his great tunes. When “Wadya Iwe” received positive response, people expected a video for this song which was Talk of the Town by then. But that was not the case, no video was shot. The same was expected from songs like “Mabvuto” and “Yes or No”.

Black Jack hosting the Launch of Nyasa Music Awards

But coming this year, in a recent interview with Orange News, the dreadlocked music Artist seems to have made a turning point. He says some of the songs in the project are going to have videos. And this has to be good news to his loyal fans because he has been silent for a long time in terms of shooting Music Videos of his own as a well known Artist.

The songs in this project are already recorded and what is remaining is to start releasing them one by one. He says there is a delay because him and his Team are building a proper procedure to make the Project successful. “Everything is ready, but we are waiting for the right time. Because when we start, we will never stop until we see the last drop of the Project announcing it’s arrival,” Black Jack says.

Orange News Will keep you updated on this project and let us all wait as Mr Che plans to hit us hard with surprises.



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