Chavura Calls UMP Awards Fake

Chavura, a Malawian hip hop artist spoke out his mind on the Urban Music People (UMP) awards nominations. He says the nominations are fake, and that’s why he can’t be nominated.

The Nyambaro CEO said this after it was realised that one of malawian hiphop artist, Martse, got missing on the list of Best Rap act, an hour after it was already announced that he was among the list.

Urban Music  People Official page had the list of best rap act which included Martse on it. But after an hour, they posted another list on the same category, and excluded Martse and had Macelba replacing Martse’s position.

Chavura further said a lot of artists being nominated aren’t supposed to be on the list. But he gave respect to GD and Toast, saying they really deserve to be on the list.


Flavour Of The Week: DJ RJ Formular (Fashion Designer)

Date of Birth: September 12, 1992

Birthname: Jose Chingayipe

Family: First Born in a Family of 3

Relationship Status: Single

Level of Education: Journalist by Profession, I went to University of Malawi, the Polytechnic.

Why Fashion designing: Currently, everyone is a Fan of Fashion, so we decided to add up another Flavour to satisfy people’s needs.

Uta Wear is in Partnership with who: Impakt Events which is owned by Lucius Banda.

Any Setbacks: People don’t support localy made Products hence making the Industry so tough.

What should be done to boost local Product Markets: Government should lower Tarrifs and Tax on Textile to make Our Products affordable.

How Promising is the Designing Business: Despite the Fact that a lot of People don’t cherish Home Made Products, a number of People are supporting us. And this gives us Hope that one Day People will slowly understand the importance of buying Local Products.

Products by Uta Wear Designs: We have T-Shirts and soon We will introduce Our own Hoodies, College Tops and Snapbacks.

Uta Wear Product

Role Model(s): Mark Zuckerberge the Founder of Facebook and Aliko Dangote of Dangote Group of Companies.

Best Moment(s): When Impakt Events selected my Team to be used during a certain Sand Music festival. And also when Busy Signal and his Band wore T-Shits designed by Me.

Worst Moment(s): When I broke up with my long time Girlfriend.

Quick Facts about RJ Fomular

*I don’t talk much

*Does not like pompous and talkative People

*Easily fall in Love

Advice to fellow upcoming Fashion Designers: They should be authentic and not Copycats. A lot of Designs we see are just Duplicates of Countries like Nigeria and Kenya.

What do you do on your Free Time: Watching Soccer, listening to Music, mingling with People and making new Friends.

 You can connect with Uta Wear by clicking on the Link below: 




Blameless Unleashes a New Head Banger: Jonus

Blameless the rising Afro Artist explains everything about his new song: Jonus, which dropped soon after releasing another Hit: Alindende.

The song talks about troublesome Children in a Family, and he acts as an Elder Brother advising the lost little Brother (Jonus) and Sister (Minas). “In a Family there is One or Two Children who are heavily subjected to Negative Peer Pressure, so I acted like an Elder Brother to the lost little Ones in our Family, advising them on how cruel the World is, if one is not careful,” Blameless said.

This Head Banger is going to have a Music Video so soon as notified by Blameless himself. “We are shooting a Music Video to this Song together with another Fresh yet to be a Club Banger by the name ‘Zungulira’,” Blameless added.

According to his explanation, Double Video Shoot will take place in different Locations: Lilongwe, Mangochi and Nkhotakota.

He is looking forward to work with the willing Models, and he says they are printing T-Shirts special for this Event.

You can download the song below:

Kapadocia Excites College Students in a New Song: Social Weekend

Photo: Incredible Pictures

Kapadocia Ziza has tackled issues concerning Social Weekends in Colleges, in a song: Social Weekend.

The song is basically talking about the lifestyle of College Students, most especially when it comes to socialising. “Social Weekend” is a song which is centered on how the students enjoy when they are having a good time to relax after School.

Alcohol is mentioned a lot in the Song, and how some people who were Alcohol-free start taking Hard Drinks in the name of Social Weekend.

Although the song seem to be encouraging Alcohol consumption, it has great message in it. The Ghetto Ambassador has cautioned the Students not to get over excited with the Social Weekends they mostly have in their Schools. ” In the first lines of the second Verse I have said that they should not get carried away with it, because when the Social Weekend is over, Classes are waiting for them,” said Kapadocia.

This danceable tune was produced by Jazza from Lilongwe and Gaffar from Blantyre. It received massive response on Joy Nathu’s Radio Program called “Made on Monday”.

You can download the song below:

Flavour of the Week: Pleasant (Actor)


 Date of Birth: 19th June, 1994

Relationship Status: Single

Level of Education: Pursuing a Diploma in Accounting

Family: My Father was John Sunday Banda and my Mum is Jean Banda. I am a last Born in a Family of Four, one girl and three boys.

Movies you starred: So far I have starred in a Movie titled ” Final Remedy” which I was it’s Writer and I am featured in “Lead Me To The Final” which was edited by myself.

On stage: I have featured in almost 15 major Plays.

Best Moment(s): When we were shooting the Movie titled “Final Remedy and when I starred in a play called “Power of Love” at Rise Liberty Hall in Area 25, Lilongwe.

Worst Moment(s): When my father died, because he was the one who instilled the Pasion for Art in me. He would take me to Theatre Shows and always wanted me to be writing Stories. So I can say he was a Dreamer and I am just living his Dream. I wish he was here to see the little I have achieved.

Goals: Putting Malawi on the Map through my artistic works and creating Jobs for my fellow Artists.

Role Model(s): Eddie Murphy (World wide), Majid Michael (Africa) and Hope Chisanu (Malawi)

What should be done to make Malawian Movie Industry grow vast: Government should take part in the industry because our Movies are of low budget. We have great Stories to tell but the only set back we face is lack of Resources.

How promising is the Movie Industry: There is a brighter Future in the Industry, and this can be juatified by what Joyce Chavura did. She won an Award at AMVCAs with a low budget Movie Titled “Lilongwe”. So if a Malawian can win such an Award, it shows a clear indication that with the help of the Government, we can make things beyond people’s expectations.

How do you spend your free time: I like reading Novels and interacting with a lot of people, mostly my friends. I do this to broaden my understanding about the World.

Quick Facts:

(1) He is non-alcoholic

(2) He does not smoke

(3) He made Lilongwe Girls be at position 3 from position 8 in Lyco Nasfest Competitions after a long time without progress.

(4) He is a part time Director of acting in Several Secondary Schools.

(5) He started acting at age 11

(6) He is looking forward to work with Superior Films

Adivise to fellow upcoming Actors: I would like to advise them to be driven by Passion for Art and not material things they can get from it. Continue reading “Flavour of the Week: Pleasant (Actor)”

Rumour Keeps Spreading about Zika-B and Queen B Dating

Photo/ Image Nation

 There is a rumour spreading about the two Afro-Pop Artists, Zika-B and Queen B dating. The rumour came to life when the two started making Facebook posts with similar subjects. The rumour is still growing since Zika-B and Queen B have taken nice pictures together and and their body language explains it all. The way they pose and look into each others eyes is a bit questionable to the fans.

Orange News did not hesitate but made an effort to interview Zika-B following the controversial rumour. “Me and Queen B are just good friends. Our bond is getting stronger because of the common interest we all have in music. About this issue, I won’t say a lot, you know how people talk. Someone will talk about you like he is always there with you where ever you go. But the whole truth is kept in me and Queen B, we know we are not into what fans are thinking about,” he says.

Zika-B continued to tell Orange News about their upcoming project, which is a music video of their song titled “Ndachipeza”. The song talks about someone who searched for a Soul-Mate for a very long time and seems to have found one. “Most people get married before having a gift of a child, and start complaining about not having one when they get married. They do so forgetting that when they tied a knot,

Photo/ Image Nation

there was no child. Having a child in a Family is a gift, so it is either you have it or not, because a gift comes by the power of luck. So love should not fade away because of problems like these. God knows what he is doing. This is just another issue me and Queen B have tackled on,” he continues.

The video is going to be released on the 20th of March, this coming Monday and it has been shot by Image Nation in Blantyre City. The “Undinyamule” Hit-Maker did not tell Orange News about how the video is going to be premiered.

The news of the Artists doing a song together has raised eyebrows of many as they try to prove the rumour right by the presence of this collaboration. But Zika-B says they are not shaken of the rumour, that is why they decided to do a song together because they know there is nothing going on between them. “If the rumour was a complete truth, and that we did not want our relationship to go public, we could not have done a song together. We could have kept our relationship private, by making our moves in a sensitive way,” he clarified.

Orange News is looking forward to have an interview, but this time with Queen B. Fans need to hear from both sides for better understanding.

You can download “Ndachipeza” on the link below:

Black Jack Promises a Blast to Fans

The “Wadya Iwe” Star confirmed with Orange News about his massive project. Che Kalonda says this year he is planning to release 20 songs with massive collaborations with other great Artists.

We tried to know more about the songs he says are not in a form of an Album, but he seemed unwilling to give us the information about the Project in detail. What we know as of now is that he has a single which is already out titled “Ndakusowa”. And he says a follow up single is titled “Dr Che” but he did not reveal what this song with an amazing title is centered on. Black Jack says he just wants his fans to be hit with lots of surprises this year. “I have 20 songs ready for a release and everything in it is a complete surprise,” he says.

We asked him about another issue concerning shooting Music Videos. The “Yes or No” Hit-Maker has been in the Music Industry for a number of years now. During these years, the Times Television Sound Tube Presenter has never had a remarkable Music Video for one of his great tunes. When “Wadya Iwe” received positive response, people expected a video for this song which was Talk of the Town by then. But that was not the case, no video was shot. The same was expected from songs like “Mabvuto” and “Yes or No”.

Black Jack hosting the Launch of Nyasa Music Awards

But coming this year, in a recent interview with Orange News, the dreadlocked music Artist seems to have made a turning point. He says some of the songs in the project are going to have videos. And this has to be good news to his loyal fans because he has been silent for a long time in terms of shooting Music Videos of his own as a well known Artist.

The songs in this project are already recorded and what is remaining is to start releasing them one by one. He says there is a delay because him and his Team are building a proper procedure to make the Project successful. “Everything is ready, but we are waiting for the right time. Because when we start, we will never stop until we see the last drop of the Project announcing it’s arrival,” Black Jack says.

Orange News Will keep you updated on this project and let us all wait as Mr Che plans to hit us hard with surprises.