Flavor of The Week: Toast (Musician)

if you feel it deep down that you would like push this music thing, go ahead and do it.

Date of birth & year: September 8, 1994

Family: Born in a family of 2

Hometown: Blantyre

Home Village: Mulanje and Mzuzu

Level of education: Advanced diploma in information technology (IT)

When did you start doing music?  Started doing music at 15, recorded my first song in 2009.

Who inspired you to start doing music? T1 has always been my inspiration from way back. And basically I can just say, I was inspired by people around me, who happen to be my friends.

The thing i love most is life, that’s the best gift God gave to people

 Why fusing genres? People love different kinds of music, so I have to do different kinds of music to reach a number of people. I feel like am the voice of the people, and music gives me comfort. Now am into dance hall, Hip-hop and pop.

What is your say on the old school – new school feud? I don’t know why the feud is there, but am good with most of these old school cats.

What should be done to end the feud? People should put ego aside and understand music is changing. The new cats need to respect old cats as well.

I feel like am the voice of people, and music gives me comfort

Where do you see yourself in 10 years to come? I don’t know man, am just pushing myself up. 

Is Street Fame still in existence? Yeah it is, but T1 is a bit occupied, he moved out of the city, he is in Mangochi, so he can’t find time to record. But when he finds some time, fans are going hear from us again I promise.
Elaborate on the audio and visuals for YOU: basically some people don’t get what the song says.The whole point of the song was not to take something for granted. Appreciate things while they are still there. In the video, you see a guy, which happens to be me,  having some good time with a girl. Suddenly, she passes away, and the guy is recalling the good old days they shared together. So it was just the matter of being creative.

T1 has always been my inspiration

Most underrated artist: T1

You have tattoos on your skin, why? I guess it’s all about preference man. I like tattoos and that’s it.

Worst moments: When I lost my dad, it still haunts me now.

Best moments: Was making my dad proud, he used to tell me “you gotta do what you want man, music is life” 

What do you love most? I love life man, it’s the best gift God gave to people.

If you were given 15min of fame, what would you do to be remembered in history? I see a lot of people struggling man, if I was given all the money in the world, I would try to make a difference. Maybe build an orphanage. I mean I could do something to the people struggling, life is a hustle out here man.

If you were given supernatural powers to go back to the past, what mistake would you avoid doing? I would try to be there for my Father when he was sick. Because when my dad was sick, I was traveling a lot doing shows.

Street Fame is still in existence, it’s only that T1 is a bit occupied so he can’t find time to record

General message to the youth and those who would take music as a career: If you feel it deep down that you would like push this music thing, go ahead and do it. Don’t let anyone tell you anything. A lot of critics out there, a lot of people who don’t care about you. All you gotta do is know who you are, and if you feel that’s what you wanna do, go ahead and do it.

Quick facts about you: 

  • Carefree person
  • Love to laugh
  • Love to hang with my hommies, I appreciate friendship a lot 
  • Am a family person, always with my family
  • I don’t drink or smoke, I used to, but not anymore
  • I don’t do drugs

What do you do on your free time: I pray to God, read the Bible and listen to music a lot. And I love to spend much of my time with my hommies and family. That’s all I do, that’s all in my life. I appreciate life that way.


Kapadocia Scoops 100k from Project April Stop Abuse Competition

The money won will be added to the budget of mwachangu music video

Kapadocia, a well known Lilongwe based reggae dance hall artist has won 100 thousand kwacha from Project April Stop Abuse Competition. The announcement was made by Timoteo kailedzi who is popularly known as Timoteo Malawi, the founder of the organisation today.

He came out victorious after judges rated his song the best amongst 3 other competing songs. The song is titled “Mwachangu”, and it talks about girl child marriages. “This song is the voice of all girl children who are victims to girl child marriages. This disturbs their academic future hence having a large number of uneducated women in Malawi,” Kapadocia said.

This song is the voice of girl children who are victims to girl child marriages

The self proclaimed Ghetto Ambassador further said the money won will be added to the budget of “Mwachangu” music video. He has plans to shoot a massive video of this song, and promote it to spread the word.

Some of the notable lines from the song are ” Musamukwatiritse mwachangu// Apite Ku sukulu mwanayu// Musamusenzetse madengu// Apite Ku sukulu mwachangu.”

Speaking to Timoteo Kailedzi, the Amapolabe hit maker’s song gained judges attention because of his captivating voice. And also the content with strong message, and how creative he was when delivering lyrics on a well made Instrumental.

Roy View: We use art to fight against abuse

Roy View Banda, who is the country director of Project April, argued that other songs failed to make it because of poor production of the songs. And also that the songs carried messages which were a bit off the theme of this year’s competition.

Other songs are “Bere” by SevenOmore feat Tawina Tembo, “I Deserve Better” by Mic Mash feat Valine and “Mwayi Wanga” by No Limit.

Project April started in 2013 and it centers it’s concern mostly on the welfare of girl children. And it also looks at orphans and any social issues of national interest.

I have a plan to shoot a massive video for this song

“We use art to fight against abuse, that is why we host shows annually in April under different themes ranging from girl child protection to orphans welfare. Issues to deal with Aids are also considered in our movement,” Roy clarified.

Their first show took place at Game Complex in 2013. Then they had other shows at Portuguese Club, Golf Club and Amazon respectively.

This year’s theme was “Child Marriages Must Stop” and Kapadocia’s piece of song is the right one to listen to at the moment. Timoteo promises people that next year the competition is going to be more than perfect.

You can download the song here:http://m.malawi-music.com/song.php?id=9279


Vube’s “Kokha” Video Receives Positive Response

Vube dropped a music video for kokha which received positive response from fans. The video was premiered by Times TV and people started appreciating the effort which was put to make the video look nice.

VJ Ice is one of the people who did not stay quiet but talk about the video. He said the video is nice and that Vube is on his way up.

Kokha song, whose video was shot by Mest Media talks about a Girl who is so enticed with Vube. And that the girl keeps coming to Vube’s Place and that made him not resist the temptation.

Some people claimed that the song is a diss to a certain guy but Vube denied the rumour. Black Nina was interviewed by Joy Nathu on Made on Monday, and said Vube was after somebody’s girl, hence the concepto f kokha. Vube later denied Nina’s claims, and now he is saying him and the chilawe changachi hit-maker are cool. “kokha is not a diss song, and Black Nina is a good friend of mine. We sorted things out and now there is no misunderstanding.” Vube said.

Despite the diss rumours, the song keeps climbing ladders, and fans are liking the song so much. Vube thanks everyone who is there to support young talent and urges people to take urban music as a career.

Kay Martin Spits Venom in “Bomaye”


Kay Martin, an up and coming hiphop artist dissed fellow guys in the urban music industry in his new song titled “Bomaye.

The song which was released a few days ago is targeting much on his fellow hiphop artists like Classick of Homegrown African Music Group. He is also throwing jabs at all artists who seem not to progress after getting airplays on a Radio Program by Joy Nathu known as “Made On Monday”.

The Dolo Wamu Hood Winner, is talking about Hayze Angola Being better than Clasick and Charisma being nothing without a cover song he did.

One of the guys who is not left in this well cooked song is Barry One . He rapped about the legendary Barry One’s inability to freestyle live on air.

The song has a catchy instrumental and his deliverly is on point. He stylised the flow of his lyrics by saying “We don’t talk about it” in some of the quotable lyrics of the song.

The reason for him dissing the guys is not known as of now, just keep following Orange News as it will keep you updated.

You can download the song here:http://kwacha-ent.net/2017/09/21/kay-martin-bomaye-prod-vasilly-bangerz-x-m-o-d/

Blameless Unleashes a New Head Banger: Jonus

Blameless the rising Afro Artist explains everything about his new song: Jonus, which dropped soon after releasing another Hit: Alindende.

The song talks about troublesome Children in a Family, and he acts as an Elder Brother advising the lost little Brother (Jonus) and Sister (Minas). “In a Family there is One or Two Children who are heavily subjected to Negative Peer Pressure, so I acted like an Elder Brother to the lost little Ones in our Family, advising them on how cruel the World is, if one is not careful,” Blameless said.

This Head Banger is going to have a Music Video so soon as notified by Blameless himself. “We are shooting a Music Video to this Song together with another Fresh yet to be a Club Banger by the name ‘Zungulira’,” Blameless added.

According to his explanation, Double Video Shoot will take place in different Locations: Lilongwe, Mangochi and Nkhotakota.

He is looking forward to work with the willing Models, and he says they are printing T-Shirts special for this Event.

You can download the song below:


Kapadocia Excites College Students in a New Song: Social Weekend

Photo: Incredible Pictures

Kapadocia Ziza has tackled issues concerning Social Weekends in Colleges, in a song: Social Weekend.

The song is basically talking about the lifestyle of College Students, most especially when it comes to socialising. “Social Weekend” is a song which is centered on how the students enjoy when they are having a good time to relax after School.

Alcohol is mentioned a lot in the Song, and how some people who were Alcohol-free start taking Hard Drinks in the name of Social Weekend.

Although the song seem to be encouraging Alcohol consumption, it has great message in it. The Ghetto Ambassador has cautioned the Students not to get over excited with the Social Weekends they mostly have in their Schools. ” In the first lines of the second Verse I have said that they should not get carried away with it, because when the Social Weekend is over, Classes are waiting for them,” said Kapadocia.

This danceable tune was produced by Jazza from Lilongwe and Gaffar from Blantyre. It received massive response on Joy Nathu’s Radio Program called “Made on Monday”.

You can download the song below:


Rumour Keeps Spreading about Zika-B and Queen B Dating

Photo/ Image Nation

 There is a rumour spreading about the two Afro-Pop Artists, Zika-B and Queen B dating. The rumour came to life when the two started making Facebook posts with similar subjects. The rumour is still growing since Zika-B and Queen B have taken nice pictures together and and their body language explains it all. The way they pose and look into each others eyes is a bit questionable to the fans.

Orange News did not hesitate but made an effort to interview Zika-B following the controversial rumour. “Me and Queen B are just good friends. Our bond is getting stronger because of the common interest we all have in music. About this issue, I won’t say a lot, you know how people talk. Someone will talk about you like he is always there with you where ever you go. But the whole truth is kept in me and Queen B, we know we are not into what fans are thinking about,” he says.

Zika-B continued to tell Orange News about their upcoming project, which is a music video of their song titled “Ndachipeza”. The song talks about someone who searched for a Soul-Mate for a very long time and seems to have found one. “Most people get married before having a gift of a child, and start complaining about not having one when they get married. They do so forgetting that when they tied a knot,

Photo/ Image Nation

there was no child. Having a child in a Family is a gift, so it is either you have it or not, because a gift comes by the power of luck. So love should not fade away because of problems like these. God knows what he is doing. This is just another issue me and Queen B have tackled on,” he continues.

The video is going to be released on the 20th of March, this coming Monday and it has been shot by Image Nation in Blantyre City. The “Undinyamule” Hit-Maker did not tell Orange News about how the video is going to be premiered.

The news of the Artists doing a song together has raised eyebrows of many as they try to prove the rumour right by the presence of this collaboration. But Zika-B says they are not shaken of the rumour, that is why they decided to do a song together because they know there is nothing going on between them. “If the rumour was a complete truth, and that we did not want our relationship to go public, we could not have done a song together. We could have kept our relationship private, by making our moves in a sensitive way,” he clarified.

Orange News is looking forward to have an interview, but this time with Queen B. Fans need to hear from both sides for better understanding.

You can download “Ndachipeza” on the link below: