Flavour Of The Week: DJ RJ Formular (Fashion Designer)

Date of Birth: September 12, 1992

Birthname: Jose Chingayipe

Family: First Born in a Family of 3

Relationship Status: Single

Level of Education: Journalist by Profession, I went to University of Malawi, the Polytechnic.

Why Fashion designing: Currently, everyone is a Fan of Fashion, so we decided to add up another Flavour to satisfy people’s needs.

Uta Wear is in Partnership with who: Impakt Events which is owned by Lucius Banda.

Any Setbacks: People don’t support localy made Products hence making the Industry so tough.

What should be done to boost local Product Markets: Government should lower Tarrifs and Tax on Textile to make Our Products affordable.

How Promising is the Designing Business: Despite the Fact that a lot of People don’t cherish Home Made Products, a number of People are supporting us. And this gives us Hope that one Day People will slowly understand the importance of buying Local Products.

Products by Uta Wear Designs: We have T-Shirts and soon We will introduce Our own Hoodies, College Tops and Snapbacks.

Uta Wear Product

Role Model(s): Mark Zuckerberge the Founder of Facebook and Aliko Dangote of Dangote Group of Companies.

Best Moment(s): When Impakt Events selected my Team to be used during a certain Sand Music festival. And also when Busy Signal and his Band wore T-Shits designed by Me.

Worst Moment(s): When I broke up with my long time Girlfriend.

Quick Facts about RJ Fomular

*I don’t talk much

*Does not like pompous and talkative People

*Easily fall in Love

Advice to fellow upcoming Fashion Designers: They should be authentic and not Copycats. A lot of Designs we see are just Duplicates of Countries like Nigeria and Kenya.

What do you do on your Free Time: Watching Soccer, listening to Music, mingling with People and making new Friends.

 You can connect with Uta Wear by clicking on the Link below:





Flavour of the Week: Pleasant (Actor)


 Date of Birth: 19th June, 1994

Relationship Status: Single

Level of Education: Pursuing a Diploma in Accounting

Family: My Father was John Sunday Banda and my Mum is Jean Banda. I am a last Born in a Family of Four, one girl and three boys.

Movies you starred: So far I have starred in a Movie titled ” Final Remedy” which I was it’s Writer and I am featured in “Lead Me To The Final” which was edited by myself.

On stage: I have featured in almost 15 major Plays.

Best Moment(s): When we were shooting the Movie titled “Final Remedy and when I starred in a play called “Power of Love” at Rise Liberty Hall in Area 25, Lilongwe.

Worst Moment(s): When my father died, because he was the one who instilled the Pasion for Art in me. He would take me to Theatre Shows and always wanted me to be writing Stories. So I can say he was a Dreamer and I am just living his Dream. I wish he was here to see the little I have achieved.

Goals: Putting Malawi on the Map through my artistic works and creating Jobs for my fellow Artists.

Role Model(s): Eddie Murphy (World wide), Majid Michael (Africa) and Hope Chisanu (Malawi)

What should be done to make Malawian Movie Industry grow vast: Government should take part in the industry because our Movies are of low budget. We have great Stories to tell but the only set back we face is lack of Resources.

How promising is the Movie Industry: There is a brighter Future in the Industry, and this can be juatified by what Joyce Chavura did. She won an Award at AMVCAs with a low budget Movie Titled “Lilongwe”. So if a Malawian can win such an Award, it shows a clear indication that with the help of the Government, we can make things beyond people’s expectations.

How do you spend your free time: I like reading Novels and interacting with a lot of people, mostly my friends. I do this to broaden my understanding about the World.

Quick Facts:

(1) He is non-alcoholic

(2) He does not smoke

(3) He made Lilongwe Girls be at position 3 from position 8 in Lyco Nasfest Competitions after a long time without progress.

(4) He is a part time Director of acting in Several Secondary Schools.

(5) He started acting at age 11

(6) He is looking forward to work with Superior Films

Adivise to fellow upcoming Actors: I would like to advise them to be driven by Passion for Art and not material things they can get from it. Continue reading