Raj Nation Presents: Jangiriya Remix Launch



Jay Jay Cee released a nice tune in 2016 and this song is known as “Jangiriya”. It undoubtedly received positive response from fans and by default became a Club Banger and it continues to be this year. Time did not pass, he was put under pressure after releasing this song. As of now, he can not be on the stage at the show if it is not “Jangiriya” to be performed.

By now, fans need more than a song he did. The “Iwe Maliro” star was motivated to shoot a video for this song after observing how the fans love the masterpiece. Without any delay, he made sure the video was out, and fans loved it so much.

But then, fans are still putting him under pressure and demands a Remix for this lovable tune. Raj Records Founder, born Juma James Chitsonga is glad to announce that a Remix for his song is ready for a release. And it deserves a proper launch, that is why he kept the fans waiting from last year.

In Blantyre, ndirande at Chifundo Hall is a place to be for every good fan of the Award Winning Recording Artist, Jay Jay Cee. The show is scheduled to start at 11:00 a.m and it is going to come to an end at 6:30 p.m on the 25th of February, this year. The charges for this amazing show are K1000 at the door and K500 tickets.

The show is going to be on fire since the Remix features some of the most cerebrated Artists and for sure they are going to be there to support the fellow Artist. The remix for “Jangiriya” features musical Beasts like Blaze (Mwini Zinthu), Saint (Akazanga), Mafo (Akandipweteka Maluzi) NesNes (Chonchi), Desert Eagle (Brighter Days) and Scorla. It is for sure that these artists are going to be there to spice up the Event with some of their loved songs. If you are not there on the scheduled date, then be nowhere.

Kesia Drops A Great Tune: Let Go

kaisa The talent Kesia, born Kasia Ruth Kamphata has deserves an international recognition. Letting this unbelievable talent die, will be one of the worst mistakes, people capable of uplifting it will ever make. She was born in 1993 on the 13th of April, and spent much of her time practicing music at church choir and school. She is an RnB, Soul and Pop artist to be labeled a star soon. She has that flexible tongue and unique singing style that makes her music worth listening.

After dropping “Where Do You Go” in 2016, she is back in 2017 to feed her Fans with the feel of good music as usual. A very nice tune with an African feel in it by the name “Let Go” is her latest single which was released on the 15th of February this year.

Kesia, who is currently  at Livingstonia University doing a Human Rights Programme; says the song talks about we as Africans. She says we need to embrace the fact that we are Africans and that it is the most important Identity all of us Africans will ever hold. The song talks about the importance of loving our Culture, Nation and Continent.

This informative and educative song was recorded at Abstract Records in Blantyre, Chileka. It starts with an attracting guitar together with a bit of humming from the background. The humming and the Guitar makes one relax as mature vocals of Kesia penetrate through the well made instrumental. When she starts singing, no one can stop listening until the song comes to an end because of the gifted Voice and style she has.

You can all imagine how an artist inspired musically by International Artists like Emily Sande, Lira and Jhène Aiko can be. The message in Kesia’s music is strong, suitable for the Human Race to get. She believes in listening to music that leaves one in deep thoughts at the end. And if you have much love for good music in general, then Kesia’s new single is a perfect start for the week.

Download her music from here: http://malawitalents.com/kasia-let-gomalawitalents-com/



Almost every fella who follows Malawian Urban Music should know an artist  named VUBE by now. He stirred  the Urban  Music Industry when he released bomb track titled  CHINDEKHA, which features one of the top artist, MARTSE. And this followed another hit by the name NDALAMA ZANGA, which was spiced up by a hip hop verse from EPISODZ.

An ex-member of DUTTY CENTRAL CLAN is now back with another song believed to be making noise as soon as it drops. As you all know the CHINDEKHA guy does not let fans down. The commanding voice he has is irresistible you will just have to pay attention to it.

ZANI CHALLE is the song title for his up coming project. You did not get us wrong, that is really the song title for the song which will be out soon.

The song title itself has agitated a lot of minds. As of now his fans do not know what the song is really talking about. Vube has refused to reveal the content of the song, he  says we should just be patient and wait for the day of it’s premier. And that is why most of the fans are found debating much about it’s title.

The appetizing title of this song has made fans relate to Mr Too Ghetto Too Gutter’s GRACE CHI. They say the content of the songs might be similar.

vube2.jpgBut then we should not be hasty in making a conclusion of the content of the song. Who knows? Maybe he is trying to praise ZANI for being a flag carrier of Malawian urban music. Or that he is really trying to express his love to her as MARTSE did in GRACE CHI. To our own surprise, he might even be talking about something contrary to what is in our minds.

We hope you all remember about the issue of Classic’s ANACONDA. Before the song was out, fans spread a rumor about the song talking about ladies with big behind. But when the song was released, it all turned out to be a false rumor. The song was simply talking about Backstabbers.

So to avoid such futile occurrences, what we all need to do is wait for the Award Winning Radio DJ by the name JOY NATHU to premier it on his well followed programme “MADE ON MONDAY” This 13th of February, a day before Valentine’s, ZANI CHALLE will be unleashed.

Keep in touch with ORANGE URBAN NEWS as we are going to have an exclusive interview with VUBE as soon as it is out.

You can download his songs below:




My Real name is Dennis Matekenya.. Been dark virtue since 2009 putting out music with groups like Hidden Knowledge and The Union of death. My music is hard to categorize cause I really blend Dancehall and Hip Hop and the subject matter changes from time to time based on what I am going through at the time.

The beat for “Talk is cheap” was done by Dj Sley. thirdI asked Third eye to bless the song with a verse and we came up with the tune. We recorded the song at BFB’s studio.

The song comes from the frustration that I feel when these “artists” portray a certain image on TV, interviews, and you get to find out that they are not even about that life.

They’re “shook” when you meet them yet sounded like some tough guys on the radio. Claiming to make crazy amounts of money yet their pockets are dry Hahaha. I just live my life with no pretense and I embrace it. “you can say my dress codes’s rugged but you can’t say I don’t spit flames”




Get the video from here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DPZ7ECC4CXc



They say music has the power to bring about change in a society. And this change might be negative or positive. Music has a major role to play in bringing about positivism in the minds of the people.

Kapadocia, born Steven Chiheni Gondwe, is one of the dance-hall artist that you can listen to with the whole family members around, without worries of unnecessary content in the songs. His music is listened by all sorts of people which makes him unique. Unlike these other Urban Music Artists who are busy promoting alcohol, sex and drugs.

It gave me quite a thrill upon hearing about the possibilities of starting to shoot a video for one of his masterpieces entitled “AMAPOLABE”. The self acclaimed Ghetto Ambassador revealed the plans of shooting the video in an interview conducted by Orange Urban News on the 14th of December, this year.

The song talks about challenges faced by most of the Malawi citizens. “People have no food, shelter and clothing” he said.

The man behind the song “MISONZI YA ALUBINO” further added that, the song is believed to have brought hope to the poor. “No matter how hard the situation might be in ones life, it is only one day when all the problems are going to fade away. Even most serious wounds on one’s body, get healed at some point in time. That is why the song is called “AMAPOLABE” meaning “They still heal”. He clarified.

The video for this heart touching song will be shot from 21st to 22nd of December, this year. Everyone willing to participate in the video shoot is supposed to be found at area 51 railway, Lilongwe, at exactly 8 am on the first day of the shooting. “Only those who are ready to look miserable are the one’s welcomed. This is so because the song is sad tonned. Torn clothes are warmly welcomed.” He added with a thin smile on his face.

ELSHADDAI MULTIMEDIA is proudly ready to start moving the cameras from a place to the other during the period. People get ready to feed your eyes with the AMAPOLABE video so soon. Orange Urban News believes it is going to be great and expect a Tornado.



Pinky Ice,  real name “Faith Singini” After putting a mark with her last hit song titled “BARDO” the echelon’s leading lady has never stopped working hard. She is not leaving any room for upcoming urban artists and now she is back with yet another smash hit, titled “MERCY”. She is a unique and blessed young lady, how she fuses Afro music and urban music in this song is amazing! The song is supported by label mate Kelvin Sings and a beat from “Blage The Black Genius” you can see how this completes the song extra ordinarily.

Mercy talks about a gal/boy who have been left or dumped by their partner and the events that occur after that. Its a very dope song that anyone can relate to, with lyrics so mature like fine wine and a beat that compliments it, oh lord have mercy… She’s one of the female artists to look out for!

Am yet to have a full interview with the artist to talk more about the song, If she is planning to release a mix-tape or Album and her music career. So we can really know who pinky Ice is.

Get the song from  http://m.malawi-music.com/song.php?id=5417